for Julian Assange

"In a world of divide & conquer, unity is the ultimate act of resistance"

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About the Event

In the wake of the viral success of the first and spontaneous #ReconnectJulian 10-hour-long online vigil event, friends and supporters of Julian are again organising to mass in the public eye in support of Assange and WikiLeaks.

This collaboration has birthed #Unity4J - an upcoming epic online event, featuring innumerous high profile speakers appearing by livestream on rotation. Panelists will give testament to their experiences with and support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, while calling for Julian to be reconnected to his loved ones and the world, and advocating for his immediate emancipation from his arbitrary detention.

The ongoing deprivation of the human rights of Julian Assange is an untenable situation and a stain on international law and the governments of the West. The baton of previous generations who fought for the freedom of their counterculture icons has passed to us, and it is our turn to raise our voices in sustained protest until Julian is emancipated.

In a world of divide and conquer, uniting people is the ultimate act of resistance. Therefore our goal is to bring together ALL public figures who are supportive of Julian and WikiLeaks, regardless of their individual political views, stances or party affiliations. Leaving our personal politics at the door will create a diverse support base that can help our message reach the largest combined audience possible.

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Press Release

10 May 2018


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